Slow Motion Photo Booth

Slow motion photo booth in Australia

Slow motion photo booth in Australia

The slow motion photo booth is the best way to capture the joy of your wedding day. There is something about slow motion portraits that seems to capture a persons personality, you can literally see each persons face light up with excitement and laughter as they play with the different props in the booth.

from Super Frog Saves Tokyo

This is not our Slow Motion Photo Booth Video but I good example of quality of what you will get from Jason Pavey Films. Our Sample will be up soon.

Unfortunately just like with other trends there seems to be alot of half baked vendors trying to cash in on this craze and from the couple of videos I have seen the quality is just not there. They either lack the skills or proper equipment to get that great slow mo look. You need a dedicated slow motion camera that most film houses just can’t afford, which is understandable as most come in at around the $50,000 mark. I can personally guarantee that any slow motion photo booth hosted by Jason Pavey Films will be at the same level of quality as the viral video┬áthat has been doing the rounds, if not better.

The slow motion photo booth is much more fun than a traditional photo both because short 10 second movie clips are captured using a high quality super slow motion ( high frame rate ) camera. We then edit these clips into a 2-3 minute montage. This is one of the best ways to remember everyone that got to share in your special day and imagine how fun it will be to watch back over the footage in 20 years time. The slow motion photo booth is not just for wedding receptions but is also great for any function, christmas parties, work functions and birthday parties. As long as you have a group of people that want to have a good time your slow motion photo booth will be a hit! The other great thing about the slow mo photo booth is the image that we capture is so good that you can take stills straight from the video footage, meaning that you have the opportunity to get both still images and moving footage from the slow motion photo booth. If this is something you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What we provide

  • Full Booth with Props and white back drop
  • High quality lighting
  • Production level slow motion camera ( not cheap low resolution imitations)
  • Staff at the booth encouraging your guests to have fun
  • Edited clip 2-3 Minutes
  • Digital Download for sharing on Social Media


Remember we can travel anywhere in the world.

An example of a slow motion video booth can be found here.
This is not our video but it is a great example of what you will get.

Slow Motion Photo Booth
Price: $2500


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