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Brisbane Gold Coast Wedding Videography

Brisbane Gold Coast Wedding Videography

I specialise in Brisbane Gold Coast Wedding Videography. I am enthusiastic about telling great stories. Whether it’s making a short film about a local surfer, capturing whats happening at Australian fashion week or sharing the story of you and your partners love, I love telling great stories through the art of videography.  Something that helps me do this is the high end gear that I am continually researching and investing my time and money into, but thats not what I think makes a great film. You know, the sort of film that keeps you wanting more. That draws out your emotions and makes you forget about anything else you had to do.  The high end gear and the skills that come with it are simply the tools that help get the job done. Even someone who is incredibly skilled at capturing beautiful cinematography type shots cannot rely on that alone to create a great wedding video. The single most important part to any great wedding story is You. It is your partner. It’s the friends and family that share in the joy of you making a decision to love someone. And you need a professional, thoughtful and skilled story teller to help put all this together for you so you never forget a single moment. If you want a wedding video that will draw on your emotions every time you watch it, a wedding video that makes your friends and family stop what they are doing and just sit and enjoy the beautiful day that they all played a part in then look no further. Working on videography is what I love and what better place to do it than South East Queensland. The Gold Coast and Brisbane offer some of the best locations in the world to a videographer and I count myself lucky to be able to work in a great part of the world with great people.

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 Lighting up #hedgesave
 Yesterday's reception will never be repeated. It was perfect. Wait till you see the styling inside.

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